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Raised in the horse industry,

Stormie Hale on Frosty the Snowman

Stormie spent her youth on the backs of ponies and horses, competing in her first  horse show at two-years old.

At the age of nine,

Stormie Hale on Rosie Cotton - RAMTAP Cross Country, Jr. Training - Fresno, CA

she was getting special permission to enter the Jr. training level in three-day events, while simultaneously competing in dressage and h/j. 

As a teenager,

Stormie Hale on Not Missen 3-day eventing.

Stormie qualified in dressage through 2nd level and qualified for the junior Olympics in three-day eventing. 

At the same time,

Mac Jason, Sue Sally Hale, Stormie Hale - 1st USPA Women's Handicap Carmel Valley, CA

 she was playing polo nationwide with her mother, American polo pioneer Sue Sally Hale. 

At 20 years old,

Stormie Hale polo

she had attained a two-goal outdoor (mixed) rating in polo, the highest rating for women at the time.

Stormie began

Stormie Hale and her LLLKK group of horse show students.

 teaching a group of her own riding students at the age of 21. 

By the time

Stormie Hale with Yturria Ranch - Eldorado Polo Club, Indio CA

 she was 23, she was managing the family farm and polo club and playing mixed and women's polo professionally.

With a focus on polo

Sunny Hale, Sue Sally Hale, Stormie Hale - Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA

Stormie spent the next 15 years competing in polo tournaments for clients and with and against her mother Sue Sally and her sister Sunny. 

Among many other

Caroline Anier, Sue Sally Hale, Coach Joe Barry, Sunny Hale, Stormie Hale -Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA 1st USPA US Women's Open Polo Championship.

tournament victories, Stormie was a member of the winning Empire Polo team in the historic 1st USPA US Women's Open Polo Championship . 

Stormie was

Trojan Polo

the Head Polo Coach for the University of Southern California's Men's and Women's polo teams. A job she excelled at for more than seven years. 

After teaching polo

Best of the Best Robb Report

lessons and coaching polo teams for many years, Stormie was honored by the Robb Report as one of the top polo clinicians in the world.

Stormie took

Elizabeth Doan, Victoria Doan, Elijah Byrum, Stormie Hale, Michael Doan

some time away from polo to raise her two daughters, Victoria and Elizabeth with her husband Mike.

Stepping back into

Pebble Beach Equestrian Center

 the equestrian world, she brought along a  successful group of A-level hunter/jumper students at the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center.  

In addition to teaching,

WCT Womens Championship Tournament

Stormie took a job with the newly formed Women's Championship Tournament (WCT) and working as the Director of Operations, helped it grow into the largest women's polo league in the world. 

She worked

American Polo Horse Association

as the Director of Operations alongside Sunny Hale for six years to bring the American Polo Horse Association into existence. 

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In 2019

Polo's Grande Dame - The Life & Times of American Polo Pioneer Sue Sally Hale by Stormie Hale

Stormie wrote a book about her mother's incredible life,  Polo's Grande Dame - The Life & Times of American Polo Pioneer Sue Sally Hale. It is now an Amazon Best Seller. 

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