Stormie Hale

Polo's Grande Dame

Polo's Grande Dame -The Life & Times of American Polo Pioneer Sue Sally Hale

The true life story of Sue Sally Hale (1937-2003) who is credited with breaking the gender barrier in American polo. Sue Sally dreamed of joining a sport that was reserved for men only. With no money, no predecessor and no path to follow, she repeatedly broke down barriers and shattered glass ceilings, blazing a trail that would impact the future of her greatest passion, polo. Picking up her first polo mallet in the 1940s, Sue Sally doggedly played polo when and where she was allowed, at times disguised as a boy. She was a pioneer, campaigning for more than 20 years to be included in the sport’s governing body, the United States Polo Association (USPA), when women weren’t permitted. A do-it-yourselfer from a very young age, Sue Sally had a physical hand in everything she did. "Can't" was not a word allowed in her dictionary. With a passion for polo that guided and sustained her throughout her life, she lived incredible highs and debilitating lows. Through wealth, poverty, joy, heartbreak, discipline, sacrifice and hard work, Sue Sally Hale became Polo's Grande Dame. This is an inspirational story about living an unthinkable dream.

"Penned by Hale’s daughter, Stormie Hale as a promise to her mother...the author takes readers inside of the sport, its rules, its customs, its players...a fascinating story of success, of realizing the American Dream and one that reminds us that purposeful persistence when well executed can yield rewards."  Diane Hensley

 "Lot's  of personal thoughts penned by Sue Sally Hale herself during her life are included and they add such a realistic touch to the book … and great  photos! A must read." Maria Layton